Pest Control, Fertilization, and Termite Protection

Thank you for considering Total Spraying for your pest control service. Above all my company looks forward to exceeding your expectations. We design our programs to meet our customer’s pest control goals. Owner- John Hesford

TS LLC  is a licensed, insured, bonded and a family-owned company.  We service Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, Fernandina, St. Augustine, Palm Coast & Daytona.

Fertilization, insect, fungus & weed control program for your lawn. I design a program for your lawn.  We use soil samples, ph meters, and moisture meters to assist our technicians.

Chinch Protection

Sod Webworms

Ant Suppression

Mole Crickets

Dry Fertilization

Liquid Fertilization

Iron Treatments

Fungus Control

Sedge Treatments

Pre- Emergent 2 to 3 per year

Roundup (12 apps)

Fleas (12 apps)

Fruit Cove 2018
Fruit Cove 2012
Ramsgate 2016
Mandarin 2017

Interior pest, outside pest & pest tubes treatments. Treatments start at $20 per month. We use exclusion methods to prevent pest from entering your home. Want an alternative to pest control, ask about natural products.

German Roaches

American Roaches (Palmettos)






Carpet Beetles

Bed Bugs (customers only)

Pantry Pest



Treatment Description

On the inside of the house, we start treating with bait behind the electric outlets. We also use bait inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. it is not necessary to empty your cabinets. We also spot spray your baseboards. 

Spot Treatment
Inside Treatment
Roach Bait
Baiting Cabinets
Baiting closet area with roach bait
Baiting Pantry
Pest Tubes

On the outside of your home, we apply a liquid and granular barrier around your home. We dust the eves to remove cobwebs and wasp nest. We also inspect the home for entry points.

Wasp removal and treatment
Wasp Removal
Outside pest control, bug control
Outside Treatment
Outside Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control
Wildlife Removal

TS uses a liquid barrier to protect your biggest investment. Termite retreat contracts start at $190 per year. Repair contracts start at $220 per year.  We also offer dry wood retreat contracts starting at $50 per month.

Termite Treatment
Termite Treatment
Foam Treatment
Termite Damage


Core aeration is done on turf areas as a means of reducing turf compaction, reducing thatch buildup, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients and encouraging deeper roots. In addition, creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil. Check out this article on the benefits of aeration from Ryan Aerators.

TS was started by John Hesford over 19 years ago.  John’s wife, son, mother and nephew work for TS. In addition to our family, we have a wonderful staff. Which include Ashley Luckadoo and Jeff Mesker. They have worked for TS for over 5 years. 


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