Pest Control, Fertilization, and Termite Protection

Total Pest Control

We service Jacksonville, Fernandina, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, & Daytona. Interior pest control & pest tubes treatments start at $20 per month.

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Turf Management

Fertilization, insect, fungus & weed control starts at $20 per month.

Most popular service– 12 Visits Per Year
  • We use dry fertilization 2 – 3 times per year
  • Iron Applications – products to enhance the turf in between dry applications
  • Insect Suppression – controls turf damaging insects
  • Broadleaf Weed Suppression -Existing weeds and prevention of new weeds
  • Fungus Control- brown patch and dollar spot
  • Round up in the beds
  • Mole Treatments
  • Ant Treatment

Description of Service- Weeds germinates every 4 to 6 weeks. By offering 12 treatments per year we are able to better control the weeds. We want to catch the problem when it is small. Saving you from costly sod repairs. Service is cheaper than replacing one pallet of sod.

Termite Protection

Termite retreat contracts start at $180 per year and we include a treatment.

Additional Services

    • Mosquito Control– Starts at $20 per month for eight treatments per year.
    • Fire Ant Treatments– Product last up to one year.
    • Flea Treatments– The inside treatment starts at $75 and the outside treatment starts at $75. We offer a package treatment starting at $130 per treatment.
    • Mole Treatment– We offer baiting the tunnels or a natural repellent spread in the turf. If the product is on used on a regular basis, the manufacturer guarantees the product.
    • Armadillo Repellent– A natural repellent spread in the turf. If the product is on used on a regular basis, the manufacturer guarantees the product.
    • Snake Repellent– A natural repellent spread in flower beds and around the property.
    • Aeration– Core aeration is done on turf areas as a means of reducing turf compaction, reducing thatch buildup, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, encouraging deeper roots, and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil. Check out this article on the benefits of aeration from Ryan Aerators.

Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Starting at $20 per Month

Lawn careThe basic lawn care program includes fertilization, weed control, and fungus control six times per year with free retreats.

Premium service starts at $35 per month and includes twelve visits per year. It includes Roundup.

Lawn Care Program

January thru February– Potassium, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Insecticide, and Preemergent. Treatment date may vary with freezing temperatures.

March thru April – Insect Control, Granular Slow-release Fertilizer, Insecticide, and Post-Weed Control. This treatment is split into two services.

May thru June– Liquid Iron, Insecticide, and Post-Weed Control

July thru August– Slow Release Fert, Insecticide, and Weed Control

September thru October– Iron Fert, Weed Control, and Insecticide

November thru December– Potassium Fert, Insecticide, Post & Pre Weed Control Continue reading “Lawn Care Program”

Pest Control

In-Home Pest Control

German RoachWe offer several options for pest control.  Quarterly service is the best option for most customers. Natural bug treatments are another option.Pest tube treatments allow us to treat from the outside of your home. Annual treatments with a one-year guarantee are available.

Treatment Description- On the inside of the house, we start treating with bait behind the electric outlets. We also use bait inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. it is not necessary to empty your cabinets. We also spot spray your baseboards.

For the outside of your home, we apply a liquid and granular barrier around your home. We dust the eves to remove cobwebs and wasp nest. We also inspect the home for pest entry points.

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Termite Retreat Agreements

Termite service agreements start at $150 per year. Treatment is included in the yearly price.  We require an in-home inspection to start service.

Repair Agreements

Service agreements start at $200 per year.  Call to set up an in-home inspection. We require an in-home inspection to start service.

Flying Ants
Are you seeing flying or winged ants? If you are seeing flying insects that look like ants, then you might have a termite infestation.

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Roach Issues

Tips for German Roach infestation issues. Roach control starts in the kitchen area, I always start by pulling out the refrigerator and stove. I vacuum and clean out under the appliances.  I spray under the appliances and let the area dry before pushing back the appliances. We place glue traps behind appliances to monitor the area. If …