Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Starting at $20 per Month

Lawn careThe basic lawn care program includes fertilization, weed control, and fungus control six times per year with free retreats.

Premium service starts at $35 per month and includes twelve visits per year. It includes Roundup.

Lawn Care Program

January thru February– Potassium, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Insecticide, and Preemergent. Treatment date may vary with freezing temperatures.

March thru April – Insect Control, Granular Slow-release Fertilizer, Insecticide, and Post-Weed Control. This treatment is split into two services.

May thru June– Liquid Iron, Insecticide, and Post-Weed Control

July thru August– Slow Release Fert, Insecticide, and Weed Control

September thru October– Iron Fert, Weed Control, and Insecticide

November thru December– Potassium Fert, Insecticide, Post & Pre Weed Control

Additional Services

  • Roundup sprayed in your beds, concrete areas, and rock beds. Monthly treatments cost $10 per month.
  • Shrub fertilization, insect and disease control starts at $10 per month.
  • Lime treatments start at $60 per service.
  • Soil Samples with results in two weeks, total cost $49 per test. Knowing your starting point is the only way to know you’re treating your lawn what it needs.

Recommended Turf Care Tips

  • Do not apply additional products toLawn care Sprinkler the turf. This can damage the turf or the products can cancel each other out depending on the mode of action.
  • Call at the first sign of stress or bug activity.
  • Follow watering guidelines for best results and test your sprinklers monthly.
  • Mow weekly and on the highest setting for St Augustine turf.

The focus for 2018 is monthly check-ups for all our customers.

We focused on sod webworm control in 2017.

In 2016 we started recommending Faithful works for mowing.