German Roach

Tips for German Roach infestation issues.

Roach control starts in the kitchen area. I always start by pulling out the refrigerator and stove. I vacuum and clean out under the appliances.  I spray under the appliances and let the area dry before pushing back the appliances. We place glue traps behind appliances to monitor the area. If your home has been treated in the past, remove all the old bait in the cabinets. Vacuum all dead bugs in the cabinets and wipe with cleaners. Apply new bait to cabinets and electric outlets. Make sure to hide the bait in the corner of the cabinets.


Roach Bait
Roach Bait

For the rest of the living area. Remove all trash, old papers, and clutter. Wipe all baseboards and vacuum all floors. We will apply bait behind the electrical outlets in all living areas and bathrooms.


We offer cleanouts for roach and bug infestations by a licensed pest control technician. Call Melanie at (904) 982-7583 or visit

Why do store products fail?
    It may work the first treatment but over time the pest in your home will grow immune. All pest companies practice product rotation. A lot of products have the same mode of action or similar ingredients. You would need to read the label to make sure the competitor’s product had a different mode of action.
Am I poisoning my household?

The products on the store shelves are outdated and no longer useful to pest control companies. Developing pesticides is very costly, manufacturers sell to pest companies first. As products stop working the manufacturer re-labels the product and they sell it to homeowners. This is why it is important to hire a professional.  The products are commonly misused by homeowners. The most common mistake is believing a product is safe because it is natural. The natural products are not put through the extensive testing that other pesticides are put through.  Tobacco is natural, but when combined with chemicals it becomes unsafe. The same can be true with natural pest control products. Hiring a professional is recommended when using any pesticide in your home or on your lawn. Saving money can cost more than doing the job right the first time.

What makes your products safer?

We practice IPM (Integrated pest management). All pest control companies follow these guidelines. To keep your lawn, home and business a safe environment. The pressure of maintaining a perfect space has caused us to overuse pesticides.

There are 5 rules in IPM, the most important rule for our customers to understand is the chemical control rule.  Only using chemicals when necessary. This means not blanketing pesticides over the entire area.  Also targeting the pest causing damage or the pest you are trying to remove from the environment. Some bugs in the lawn are beneficial or a natural enemy of the damaging bug. This would be the biological rule.

What makes your company the best?

We are locally owned and invest our money in high-end products. Continuing education is also an important factor, this allows us to have highly trained technicians. Long-term employees that like coming to work is the secret to my success. Visit our website


The owner John Hesford started this company 1/2000 as a lawn company. In 2012 we expanded into a full-service pest control company. Offering our customers all pest control services with one company. Certifed in Pest control, Fertilization, and Termite.