What services do you offer?

Pest control for homes and lawns; fertilization; mosquito; termite; commercial lawn care

How much would my yard cost?

All fertilization companies charge by the sq. ft. We can usually use google maps to measure your lawn and email you an estimate within 1 hour of request.

When will I see results?

Every property is different and we treat it according to the needs of the property.

Do you guarantee your service?

We do offer guarantees on our services. The coverage depends on the service you requested.

Are the chemicals safe, how long do I need to stay off the lawn?

It depends on the application, we will email you detailed instructions after every treatment.

Can I cut my lawn after a treatment?

 It is best to wait 24 hours before mowing your lawn.

What discounts do you offer?

Senior, military, & a multiple service discount

Do you offer natural products?


Should I worry about the chemicals? We care about your health as if you were our family. I use these products in my home, around my son, wife, and German Shepard. We also offer natural products

Is our treatment safe?  We believe it is safer to have a licensed pest control technician to treat your home. We have found homeowners using powder products along their baseboards in the house. When we use powder products, we inject them into the wall. This keeps it out of the home. This also puts the product where the pests live. Here at Total Spraying: We are constantly updating our training and expanding our knowledge of best safety practices. We take precautions when we feel it is necessary to ensure each home is treated safely and efficiently.