Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

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Recommended Turf Care Tips

  • Do not apply additional products to the turf. This can damage the turf or the products can cancel each other out depending on the mode of action.
  • Call at the first sign of stress or bug activity.
  • Follow watering guidelines for the best results and test your sprinklers monthly.
  • During the growing months, Mow weekly and on the highest setting for St Augustine turf.
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We treat every yard according to its needs. Above all the health of the lawn is our number one priority.
  • January – February– Potassium, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Insecticide, and Preemergent. Treatment dates may vary with freezing temperatures.
  • March – April – Insect Control, Granular Slow-release Fertilizer, Insecticide, and Post-Weed Control. This treatment is split into two services.
  • May – June– Liquid Iron, Insecticide and Post-Weed Control
  • July – August– Slow Release Fert, Insecticide and Weed Control
  • September – October– Iron Fert, Weed Control and Insecticide
  • November – December– Potassium Fert, Insecticide, Post & Pre Weed Control
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