One Time & Specialty Treatments

Treatment starts at $75 for inside and $50 for outside treatment. This includes two treatments within a two week period.

Treating Perimeter
Flea treatment
  • Vacuum Daily
  • Shampoo carpets including under furniture
  • Wash sheets, curtains, pet bedding & any fabric the animals have been in contact with
  • Wash laundry in hot water
  • Treat pet and a bath at the time of treatment
  • Pick up all toys, pet dishes, clothing off the floor for the best treatment

Natural mosquito service starts at $30 per month. Treatments last 3 to 5 weeks depending on the weather conditions.

Barrier Treatments
  • Remove old tires
  • Fill in low spots in the yard
  • Remove water gauge
  • Clean gutters so water flow out of the gutters
  • Clean and change bird baths
  • Fix water leaks
  • Check outdoor toys for water
  • Do not overwater the lawn

Mice trapping starts at $275 for four days of trapping. Service is not guaranteed to catch all the mice. Additional trapping may be necessary.

Outside pest control, bug control
Outside Treatment
  • Takeout trash daily
  • All food in jars or containers
  • Repair holes
  • Do not touch traps or bait
  • Eliminate unnecessary boxes, paper, and clothing this can provide a home to a rodent
  • Results depend on the corporation of the customer or tenant

One Time Pest Control Treatment

One time treatments start at $65, the price depends on the square footage and the issue. This is a targeted treatment for problem pests. The treatment will depend on the current problem. We will also offer advice on how you can help us eliminate the issue.

Roach Bait
Roach Bait
Spot Treatment
Inside Treatment
Pest Tubes

One Time Lawn Treatments

We do not offer one-time lawn treatments. Lawn treatments take time to show results. We recommend 6 to 12 months of service to see a change in turf conditions. Results do vary and depend on the starting condition.