Termite Service Agreements Include

  • Visual inspection
  • Radar inspection
  • Moisture inspection
  • Thermal inspection
  • Liquid barrier treatment
  • Inject outlets with Taurus
  • Inject plumbing entry points
Liquid Foam
Liquid Barrier
Termite Swarmers
Termite Swarmers
Flying Ants

Are you seeing flying or winged ants? If you are seeing flying insects that look like ants, then you might have a termite infestation. TS recommends calling a professional to do an in-home inspection. 

Retreat service agreements start at $190 per year.

This covers any treatment you would need for subterranean termites.  Dry wood retreat contracts start at $50 per month.

Repair service agreements start at $220 per year. 

Email us and ask for a sample contract.  Dry wood repair contracts start at $100 per month.

10 Point Inspection

  1. Inspect outside of the home for tubes and tunnels
  2. Make a list of conducive conditions that may attract termites to the home
  3. Check for water or termite damage on then outside of the home
  4. If needed take a moisture reading in troubled areas outside
  5. Check termite stations outside and bait if needed
  6. Look for termite wings on the inside of the home
  7. Inspect visible water pipes entering the home
  8. Take moisture readings around windows
  9. Track water damage with photos and report to the customer
  10. Send the customer a report

Check license pest control license.