Termite Service Agreements Include

Our Inspection Process:

  • Visual Inspection: Our experts conduct a meticulous visual inspection to identify any visible signs of termite activity.
  • Radar Inspection: We use technology to detect termites even before they become visible.
  • Moisture Inspection: Termites thrive in moisture-rich environments, so we carefully inspect for any moisture issues that might attract them.
  • Thermal Inspection: Thermal imaging technology helps us spot hidden termite activity.
  • Outdoor Traps: If outdoor traps are present, we use radar technology to monitor them for termite activity.
  • Attic Inspection: We inspect the attic for signs of termite infestations.
  • Access Panels: Our experts verify termite access panels to ensure they are secure and effective.
  • Conducive Conditions: We look for conditions that might attract termites, including wood piles against the home, mulch blocking visual inspection, cracks in stucco, poor drainage, and more.
  • Soil and Foundation: We check for any signs of termites in the soil band around your home, roots growing under the foundation, and soil touching wooden portions of the building.
  • Structural Inspections: We inspect room additions, plumbing and roof leaks, and any spray foam applications.
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Flying or Winged Ants? Beware!

  • If you’re noticing flying insects that resemble ants, you may be facing a termite infestation.

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Termite treatments

Effective Pest Control Methods:

  • Liquid Barrier Treatment: We create a liquid barrier around your home to deter pests from entering.
  • Granular Barrier Protection: Our granular barrier protection adds an extra layer of defense against unwanted intruders.

Advanced Dust Application:

  • Inject Outlets with Taurus Dry Dust: We use Taurus dry dust to target and eliminate pests at their hiding spots within the walls.
  • Inject Plumbing Entry Points with Dry Dust: Our dry dust application in plumbing entry points ensures pests are kept at bay where they are most likely to enter.
Liquid Foam
Liquid Barrier
Termite Swarmers
Termite Swarmers

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